Judy Lange

Judy Lange is an American artist, living and working in Hermosa Beach California. As an Artist and Doctor of Spiritual Science, her focus is on the creative process and the application of art as a sacred healing tool.  Each piece is an invitation to the beholder to explore their own personal story on a deep and intimate level.

She is influenced by the work of abstract surrealist Freydoon Rassouli, American painter Nathan Oliveira, and her teacher Frank Minuto, who has studied at elite institutions including the Chouinard Art Institute and The University of London.

Judy Lange is a certified Spiritual Director, Judy holds a MA in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, a Doctorate in Spiritual Science from PTS, and a BA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Applied Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. 

Artist Statement 

My art is about expressing the spiritual and physical worlds of movement and emotion.  My intention as I paint is to express and bridge the way I see the world around me with the way I experience the world within me.  It is my experience that when I tap into my inner worlds I do not see clear lines. I see a blending of lines and color. I feel the energy of life around me and within me.

The artworks I co-create with Spirit are intended to speak to the onlookers in a way that touches their hearts and emotions and takes them on a journey into their own inner worlds. Each piece is  an invitation to explore the energy and emotions that lie within and beneath each piece of art.

Solo Exhibitions

Canary Row, Redondo Beach – 2010

Artlife South Bay Gallery, 2018

Group Exhibitions

Artlife South Bay Gallery 2016 – 2018

Rosso Cinabro Gallery, Rome Italy – 2018 – 2019